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    JAAS Authentication on Windows XP

    gerhard Newbie


      "Gerhard" wrote:

      I have an application using Jboss and JAAS with a simple login screen. It runs fine on Windows 2000.

      I have a new PC with Windows XP (all service packs, Jboss 3.0.8, JVM 1.4.2_03, Eclipse 3M6, Lomboz). I installed the same software components as on Windows 2000.

      When I try to login, the sessionID is appended to the URL (http://hp_2800_xp:8080/stockspriv/loginjaas.jsp;jsessionid=18bphuntjti0c) and after entering user and password th URL is completely messed up (http://hp_2800_xp:8080/;jsessionid=1frtihpt57fct).

      The application works fine, if I call the Jboss server on Windows 2000 from Windows XP. But I cannot login from any system to the server running on XP. So I dont think it is a IE configuration problem.

      Can anybody tell me what I have to configure on XP to make it work ?

      Kind regards,