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    checkbox state not being reflected

    inv3r53 d Novice


      i have select all button to select all checkboxes in a form as shown below.
      the prob is that on server side the selectedItems array is updated but the ticks do not appear on the client side in the checkboxes even though iam rerendering the checkbox. but if i refresh the page using F5 key or navigate to next page and return the checkboxes get ticked.

      i also tried putting <a4j:form> / <A4jregion> but it didnt work

      <h:selectManycheckbox id="xvc" value="#{myBean.selectedItems}">
      <f:selectItems value = "#{myBean.selectItems}"/>
      </h:selectMany checkbox>
      <a4j:commandButton event="onclick" action="#{myBean.setAllItemsAsSelected}" reRender="xvc"/>