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    Using JAAS in web application

    zinumolbap Newbie


      "zinumolbap" wrote:
      Hi all,

      I'm developing an application with Struts + EJBs + JBoss3.2.3 and I'm faced with a problem.
      I'd like to use JAAS for authorization and authentication. I was thinking of authenticating the user when it comes for first time with a principal of guest.
      That´s easy, because I can use IdentityLoginModule and I get such a Subject, but I have no idea of notifying JBoss this user has a principal of guest.

      Something I haven't mentioned is that I want to make this thing transparently, without asking the user anything.

      This way if I received an SecurityException from JBoss JAASSecurityManager I could redirect the user to a login page.

      Does anyone know if this is possible or maybe I'm wrong?

      Thanks in advance.