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    Login problem

    Aravind Kumar Newbie


      I have this simple problem.

      I have a custom LoginModule and described as follows in a conf file as follows

      JdbcLogin {
      de.coryx.cps.security.jdbc.JdbcLoginModule required
      jndiName = "java:/CpsJdbcDs"
      tableName = "CPT_USER"
      userColumnName = "CPT_USER"
      passwordColumnName = "PWD";

      and the client authentication part is

      public static void main(String[] arg) throws Exception {
      try {
      LoginContext lc = new LoginContext("srp-client", new PropCallbackHandler());
      } catch(LoginException e) {
      System.out.println("error1 :" + e);

      I get this exception

      java:/CpsJdbcDs not bound.

      How do i make the class "de.coryx.cps.security.jdbc.JdbcLoginModule" available to the server?Do I have to make a jar file and drop in the deploy directory?