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    CSS x action (<a4j:commandButton>, <a4j:commandLink>)

    Daniel Noto Paiva Newbie


      I use facelets, myfaces, ajax4jsf and richFaces. When I try to close a page(xhtml) the next page not render my css style, I'am using <a4j:commandButton> like this:

      <a4j:commandButton action="#{actionButtonEntity[actionButtonMethod]}" value="#{value}"
      immediate="#{immediate}" reRender="#{reRender}" ignoreDupResponses="true"

      *** this error show in file AjaxScript.jsf(I use Firebug to take this erros)

      illegal character
      (no name)("", 0, ",", "")mask.js (line 103)
      (no name)(blur )mask.js (line 136)
      (no name)(blur )event-listener.js (line 16)
      [Break on this error] ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...

      Anyone help me ?