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    JAAS Authorization with LdapLoginModule and jaas.policy file

    bonfert Newbie


      I've got everything to work with the LdapLoginModule and authentication in a web app on jboss. I get the following subject from LoginContext:

      Principal: userid
      Principal: Roles(members:role_1,role_2).

      The userid Principal is of type SimplePrincipal.
      The Roles Principal is of type NestablePrincipal.
      The role_1 and role_2 Principal is of type SimplePrincipal.

      Now the question:
      how can I grant a permission in my jaas.policy file (which is delivered to VM through the VM option -Dhava.security.auth.policy) for a role?

      The following doesn't work:
      grant Principal org.jboss.security.SimplePrincipal "role_1" {
      permission com.bmw.sf.sis.client.security.URLPermission "*";