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    Single Sign On Jboss3.2.3w/tomcat

    mkumar79 Newbie

      I am using CMSecurity for my application, using FORM-BASED LOGIN. My application is using a Realm that's created for LDAP. I have successfully deployed my application and it works. I would like to put a link in my application to Roller Weblogger application (http://www.rollerweblogger.org/page/project...it uses CMS as well, except it uses a database realm instead of LDAP). From Jboss 3.2.3 release notes, In order to achieve SSO you point both of the applications to the same realm. Therefore I created a jboss-web.xml file for Roller and I pointed it to the same Security realm as my developed application. I have also created a same user in both apps when using them standalone. When using them together, where I have a link to Roller App from my app, clicking on the link in my application takes me to an error page that says something like 'Error Accessing resource'. Has anyone been able to work around this or similar problem?


      any suggestions will be appreciated!