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    redirect to favicon after login?

    Erik Hansen Newbie

      I set up user authentication through the database login module which appears to be working correctly in that the users are authenticated properly.

      However, after logging in, instead of being redirected to the original protected page (index.jsp) I started getting errors from Tomcat because of a missing favicon.ico file (404 - /favico.ico). Without authentication, this doesn't happen.

      I tried adding a favicon.ico (even though I don't really want one) and now my browser prompts me to save the favicon.ico file, but never redirects me to the original intended target page.

      If I edit the URL in the location bar to be the intended target (/index.jsp) after authenticating, I do get the correct page.

      Why does authentication bring out this problem, and why is JBoss/Tomcat delivering a 404 error for a non-mandatory file like favicon.ico?