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    Scott Stark Master

      For an introduction to the use of JAAS in JBoss, see the following article:
      You should read this if you are having security issues related to JAAS configurations.

      Last updated for 3.2.5, 2004-07-20.

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          Scott Stark Master

          I have updated the jaashowto to compile against the new servlet jar location in jboss-3.2.4+ and to clean out the existing compile output. The previous version had some test ears that if deployed without doing a complete build would fail when following the first example link with an error like the following:

          07:48:19,312 INFO [STDOUT] Trying a to lookup the Adaptor...
          07:48:19,328 INFO [STDOUT] Using class: [org.jboss.invocation.jrmp.interfaces.
          JRMPInvokerProxy@11756a4] as the RMIAdaptor
          07:48:19,328 INFO [STDOUT] ObjectName: jboss.web:service=WebServer
          07:48:19,328 INFO [STDOUT] QWERTY: Tomcat5
          07:48:19,421 ERROR [SecurityInterceptor] Insufficient method permissions, princi
          pal=null, method=echo, interface=REMOTE, requiredRoles=[Echo], principalRoles=[]

          The current jaashowto-32x.zip archive md5sum and cksum are:
          [starksm@banshee9100 JAAS]$ md5sum jaashowto-32x.zip
          faea944b0766f35a951b65f4c9e15ea5 *jaashowto-32x.zip
          [starksm@banshee9100 JAAS]$ cksum jaashowto-32x.zip
          3863580647 496791 jaashowto-32x.zip

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            Bill Shirley Newbie

            Do you really want a 2004 post with broken links set to sticky?

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              Dickson Lui Newbie

              please fix the broken link.

              Or update it with the lastest version of this post.