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    IAIK and NoSuchAlgorithmException

    Tanya Hadden Newbie


      I have been using IAIK library iaik-jce (http://jcewww.iaik.at/) for encryption/decryption. The version of JBoss is 3.2.3 and jdk1.4.2_03. The code is executing fine when I run my application without JBoss but when I use it from withing EJBs, JBoss AS generates the exception...

      Class=ParsePK12, Method=decrypt, Message=java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: Algorithm PKCS#12-MAC not available

      The IAIK people say this exception is caused when unlimited strength policy files are not placed in the path %JDK%jre/lib/security/
      But I have installed these security files in the above path.

      The exception is caused by the decrypt() method of the class PKCS12.

      Anybody have a clue to it?


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          Scott Stark Master

          It would seem the IAIK security provider is not seen as installed. What does a code block within the EJB show as the registered security providers?

          import java.security.Provider;
          import java.security.Security;
           Provider[] providers = Security.getProviders();
           for(int n = 0; n < providers.length; n ++)
           Provider p = providers[n];