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    Trust between two different JBoss Servers

    tang Newbie

      I really don't know how to do it, if at least you had some some documentation to give me...
      I have two different JBoss servers, server1 and server2. There is an ejb (ejb1) on server1 who's gonna try to connect to ejb2 on server2. Before accessing to ejb1, I had to authenticate. I would like the principal created while this authentication to be sent and trusted by server2. Currently, the credentials are sent to the server2 and another authentication is done, and in the context of the ejb, I find the principals created on server2. I would like to find in the context of ejb2, the principals created while the first authentication on server1. Is it possible??
      In fact I don't want to authenticate again, I want the first authentication on server1 to be trusted by both servers
      I use a custom LoginModule and Custom Principals, I hope I am in the right topic, even if it is not a JAAS problem...

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          Scott Stark Master

          It would be up to your login modules to support a single sign-on type of token that allowed calls with the token to be seen as valid across the two servers.

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            tang Newbie

            Ok, thank you. I don't know anything about interoperability between two servers so I am getting confused. I still have a question:

            I use a token after having authenticated on first server, if I understand, the loginmodule on server 2 will use this token to authenticate, is that right?
            But after this authentication, I want to have the subject on server2 filled with the principals created on server1, but I don't know where to look for them. How can I get them? Where they transmitted with the ejb call??

            What I want is a trust relationship between two jboss servers where principals in a Subject from one server are accepted as principals in the other server.