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    custom LoginModule based on AbstractServerLoginModule

    ahardy66 Novice

      It looks to me like JBoss's AbstractServerLoginModule's roles grouping method is incompatible with tomcat.

      In this class's commit() method, there's this little bit of code:

      if( subjectGroup instanceof NestableGroup )
       /* A NestableGroup only allows Groups to be added to it so we
       need to add a SimpleGroup to subjectRoles to contain the roles */
       SimpleGroup tmp = new SimpleGroup("Roles");
       subjectGroup = tmp;

      Tomcat doesn't see the roles in the NestableGroup. So I have overridden the create() method so that I produce SimpleGroups instead of Nestables.

      Is this expected behaviour? Are NestedGroups for some non-tomcat / non-web authentication & authorisation model?