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    user.propeties file problem "." problem

    Kapilesh Newbie

      I have got a very stange problem. I am using FORM based authentication. When I create a user name with an id "kapilesh.arekar". I am not able to login. I have exactly the same mapping of roles.properties file for the "kapilesh.arekar" user
      But when I replace the "." with a "-" I get authenticated
      Has any one come across such a problem
      Please SOS


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          Scott Stark Master

          This does not work with the UsersRolesLoginModule because a name of the form username.xxx indicates that username has a group named 'xxx' with the following roles associated with it. A '.' is not an allowed character in usernames in the UsersRolesLoginModule. You would have to patch the UsersRolesLoginModule to externalize the username/groupname seperator to allow for '.'.