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    JMS Queue Security

    meera13 Newbie

      Hi! guys
      I have a problem in configuring the security for the destination queue which is the permanent queue. I have DBServerLogin configured for "jbossmq" in login-config.xml where unauthenticated identity is "guest"
      I dont want to add this principal to my SecurityConfig for the queue(permanet queue). If I dont add the principal I get
      javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: Connection not authorized to subscribe to destination: tryQueue.

      How to avoid "guest" principal configuration for temporary queue / permanent queue configuration?

      Any clue ?

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          Scott Stark Master

          If you need an unauthenticated identity then you need to assign the guest roles or else there is no point to allowing unauthenticated users. If you don't want a guest role, then all jms users must be authenticated and the unauthenticated identity is not needed.