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    SRPLoginModule bug?

    elvis.ciocoiu Newbie


      Is this a jboss bug???

      ****** from the SRPClientModule source code*******
      private void getUserInfo() throws LoginException
      // See if there is a shared username & password
      String _username = (String) sharedState.get("javax.security.auth.login.name");
      char[] _password = null;
      if( username != null ) ????????????
      I think here must be _username????
      ****** also try to obtain the password from the sharedState
      and put the value in the _password local variable. This code is never reached*****

      // If we have a username, password return
      ********we never have*********
      if( _username != null && _password != null )
      username = _username;
      password = _password;

      This behaviour force me to keep the username and password in the CallbackHandler (to retrieve them to the SRPLoginModule).
      I've already obtained these informations from the user in my GuiLoginModule so I would like to pass them down the login modules stack in the sharedState. Maybe I'm not thinking in the right direction. Could someone make me any other sugestions?

      Thank you...