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    login-config.xml deployed inside JAR file?

    Craig Shearer Newbie


      I have developed a test application and have some custom authentication going on. In order to get my custom authentication to work, I obviously needed to add my security domain to the login-config.xml file. This is working fine.

      I have looked at some of the examples in the JBossBook though, and in those examples, the jar file also contains a custom MBean SecurityConfigMBean, etc. which allows the login-config.xml snippet for the application to be deployed in the SAR, which is, in turn, deployed in the JAR, rather than having to edit the "global?" login-config.xml file in the conf directory.

      I would really like to be able to deploy everything inside the JAR file, rather than having to modify the login-config.xml file separately, but do I have to do this by creating a custom MBean? I would have thought this was functionality that would be built-in to JBoss.

      What is the best practise here?