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    Issue with security-identity/run-as

    Manikandan E Newbie

      I have a EmployeeApplication session bean with ejb-ref to EmployeeEntity bean which is a BMP bean.

      EmployeeApplicationBean has security-identity defined as


      Method permission for InternalUser is defined as




      when EmployeeApplication bean calls method on EmployeeEntity bean, all method calls from the Remote interface gives

      java.lang.SecurityException: Insufficient method permissions, principal=abcd, method=getEmpId, interface=REMOTE, requiredRol
      es=[InternalUser], principalRoles=[Manager]

      user abcd is assigned manager role and given all method permission on EmployeeApplication bean.

      ** There are no exception thrown when EmployeeApplication bean calls create and finder methods on the referenced EmployeeEntity bean.

      Any help highly solicited