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    Roles Update Problem

    Richard Karneim Newbie

      Hi all,

      currently I have a problem with the apply of new Roles for a Principal.
      It seems my JBoss doesn't notice new applied Roles until it will be restarted.


      1. The Principal 'root' has the role 'Admin' and therefore he can call a method 'abc' for which the role 'Admin' is defined.

      2. Principal 'doe' has the role 'User' only and therefore he can't call the method 'abc'.

      3. 'root' adds the Role 'Admin' for the Principal 'doe' to the Roles table by calling a session bean method.

      I assumed that the user 'doe' can call the method 'abc' now. But he can't until I restart the JBoss.

      Is there any information about that problem around?

      Thank you,