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    Jaas + Struts + mySql: Shutdown SQL Server during Jboss is r

    madcat81 Newbie

      Hi there.

      I'm using Struts and Jaas for my sample application and I'm logging in with the help of the DatabaseServerLoginModule. I get the username and the password and the roles from a mySql database.
      Everything works fine so far. But if I close the mySql Server or stop it after I logged in, I can't relogin after the logout. That is normal cuz the databse is not reachable.
      If I restart the database now and try to login again, the LoginModule wont recognize that the mySql Server is running again :( So how can I tell Jboss or the LoinModule, that the mySql Server is up running again, without restarting JBoss ?

      Thanks for any help. If you need files or infos just tell me.

      greetz Mad