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    How to configure JBOSS for digest authentication

    ravikiran Newbie

      Hello everybody,
      I have configured my JBOSS to support BASIC authentication. It work's
      fine, now to support DIGEST authentication I just changed my BASIC
      entry to DIGEST (this is what is doen in tomcat to change from BASIC
      to DIGEST) but it is not working.
      I get HTTP Status 401 error with the description "This request
      requires HTTP authentication()".
      I tried restarting jboss still its not working.
      My first question is
      "Does Jboss support DIGEST authentication"
      My second question is
      "If yes, then what have to be done to change BASIC authentication to
      DIGEST authentication"

      If anyone as any answer to it, it will be of great help.

      Thank's in advance

      Ravi kiran