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    Securing EJBs for access by remote clients

    bandit Newbie


      I'm quite new to EJBs, so I decided to use the free JBoss as my companion on understanding the EJB-Idea. I use Eclipse with Lomboz-Plugin, so that the first EJBs can be set up quite quickly.

      Trying a first "Hello World" Bean (stateless session), I wondered if the connection would be encrypted or plain text? If it were plain text, how could I make use of SSL for example?

      And another question: How do I set up password protection for my EJBs that will be accessed from remote client applications?

      And one more:
      Is JBoss capable of blocking / allowing defined IPs or subnets?

      As you see: Security is of big importance! ;-)

      (Hope, you understand me. I know my English is not that good; please, excuse me)

      Thanks in advance,