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    How does the cache policy get instatiated?

    Kenneth Shin Newbie

      I have written a custom login module that works fine except for the fact that a NullPointerException is raised because of a null CachePolicy:

      DEBUG [org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityManagerService] Added jmx-console, org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityDomain@a00185 to map
      WARN [org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityManagerService] Failed to locate auth CachePolicy at: java:/timedCacheFactory for securityDomain=jmx-console
      DEBUG [org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityDomain.jmx-console] CachePolicy set to: null
      DEBUG [org.jboss.security.plugins.JaasSecurityManagerService] setCachePolicy, c=null

      because of this, I get a nullPointerException during authentication, when the getPrincipal method is invoked on the JaasSecurityManager.

      I have hacked the JaasSecurityManager to initialize the CachePolicy when it is null, but I figure there is a much better way to handle this.

      My security domain is configured as follows:

      {path to keystore}
      {keystore password}


      Is there something I am missing that is needed to configure the CachePolicy?

      -Kenneth Shin