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    can UsersRolesLoginModule load external properties files

    Nico Newbie


      I'm using JBoss server 3.2.4 to develop my application. To securize my web servlets, I use the UsersRolesLoginModule. I have follow instruction found on the wiki about DynamicLoginConfig. It works fine if the user/roles properties files are stored on my sar file on my ear file. Unfortunately I can not use external (system classpath) properties files. It's write on JBossbook Third Edition (page 437/438) that the UsersRolesLoginModule can load properties file on sar/jar deployment or jboss config directory or any directory.

      What I have to put on my login-config.xml file on usersProperties/rolesProperties 'module-options' to load properties files ?

      Many Thanks

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          Clive Brettingham-Moore Newbie

          At a guess I'd say that the critical passage in the book is in the previous sentence:
          "...during initialization using the initialize method thread context class loader."

          I suspect that when that passage was written DynamicLoginConfig didn't exist yet (it was added in 3.2 I think).What is probably happening is that for some reason the initialisation isn't running with this loader, but with the normal one.
          (which, come to think of it is very odd since login modules are initialised as part of the login process anyway, regardless of how they were specified)