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    dHiNa Newbie

      Hi All:

      Here is my setup:

      Standalone Tomcat (hosting my WAR)
      Standalone JBoss (just hosting my EJB's)

      When I try to access my EJB from Tomcat(through a facade/DAO), I get the following exception in the JBoss prompt:

      13:33:57,340 ERROR [LogInterceptor] EJBException, causedBy:
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: No security context set
       at org.jboss.ejb.EnterpriseContext$EJBContextImpl.getCallerPrincipal(EnterpriseContext.java:276)

      I dont write these EJB's. It get shipped to me from a remote place and the place where they write these EJB's, they use Sun's RI for testing.

      I become paranoid as I dont know if this error is caused due to JAAS or I failed to provide some vendor specific information.

      Also, I'm pretty new to JAAS. Already I started to read some JAAS stuff, but thought of posting it anyway if someone could give me a fast fix.

      So, I would appreciate if someone could throw light on my following confusions:

      1. Is this error because of JAAS or absence of vendor specific config's.
      2. I'm not using any Vendor Specific Config (like jboss.xml). I'm living with whatever comes with ejb-jar.xml. Should I use any vendor specific configuration to avoid the error?