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    Ajax4jsf + JSF1.2 aj4:status problem

    Lukasz Rybarczyk Newbie

      I would like to change cursor style while ajax request. I am doing it in the following way:

      <a4j:status for="ajaxRegion" onstart="document.body.style.cursor='auto';" onstop="document.body.style.cursor='auto';" />

      "ajaxRegion" is id of <aj4:region> in which the request is done.
      The problem is that below solution works fine in FF but it doesn't in IE (IE6,IE7). It looks like that onstart and onstop events are not fired in IE at all. (I changed document.body.style.cursor='auto'; to window.print() just to test it and it also doesn't work).

      Thanks for help in advance.