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    JBOSS Security Realm Configuration (with iPlanet LDAP Server

    Vinod Soni Newbie

      Hi, I am looking to port my application from Weblogic 7.1 to JBOSS 3.2.x. And I am facing issues with Security Realm configuration on JBOSS. The application uses Form based authentication and fetches the groups and roles from LDAP. In Weblogic, the security realm is created using an iPlanet Authenticator and all users are then authenticated throug LDAP (including the user who starts the server).

      I am not able to map the Security Realm Parameters from WLS to JBOSS and seek some help. The details of LDAP setting in WLS are:

      Hostname: abc.myhost.com
      Port: 389
      Principal: cn=Directory Manager
      Credentials: password

      User Object class: person
      User name attribute: uid
      User Base DN: ou=people, o=myhost.com
      All Users Filter: (uid=*)

      Group Base DN: ou=groups, o=logistics.com
      All Groups Filter: (cn=*)
      Group From Name Filter: (|(&(cn=%g)(objectclass=groupofUniqueNames))(&(cn=%g)(objectclass=groupOfURLs)))

      Static Member DNAttribute: member

      I am not sure how this maps to all the different attributes for LDAPLoginModule on JBOSS.

      Any help is appreciated.