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    Auth module based on entity bean

    Fake Name Newbie


      Im pretty new to j2ee/ejb and after having made some simple "view/edit entity" system Im not trying to make a more "real" system. My goal is to make a web application protected by a login (which Ive gotten to work with the database loginmodule) but at the same time I want to make it possible to create and edit new users from within the application. The nature of the application (sort of email system) means that theres a natural relation between some of the data and the users. So to sum it all up, I would like to represent the users as entity beans and use those entity beans as base for a login module.

      I know its possible to set the database module up to using the table thats created for the "UserEntityBean" but it feels sorta wrong since the databaseloginmodule will then hold its own cache of the user table.

      So my question is (at last :) is it possible to make a loginmodule that gets its data by looking up entity beans in a deployed application, and in that case, do anyone have a link to some tutorial/example where its done?

      Thanks in advance