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    No security context set using web Services

    iamapony Newbie


      java.lang.IllegalStateException: No security context set
       at org.jboss.ejb.EnterpriseContext$EJBContextImpl.getCallerPrincipal(EnterpriseContext.java:276)

      I get the above error when doing a stress test on my web services layer. It pops about two times for every one hundred transactions. It is not consistent. I have


      set in the jboss.xml, and my web-service.xml looks like this.

      <requestFlow name="locationServicesRequest">
       <handler type="java:org.jboss.net.axis.server.JBossAuthenticationHandler">
       <parameter name="securityDomain" value="java:/jaas/ActiveChain-login"/>
       <handler type="java:org.jboss.net.axis.server.JBossAuthorizationHandler">
       <parameter name="securityDomain" value="java:/jaas/ActiveChain-login"/>
       <parameter name="allowedRoles" value="users"/>

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, it's these inconsistant ones that drive me mad.