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    Help me understand the tag <security-role>

    Leandro Terra Melo Newbie

      i was quick reading the security part of the serlvet specification (1.3) to get more knowledge about container managed security. I got confused in some aspects and would appreciate any help.

      I'm gonna ask a few questions, but if you answer one of them you might be also answering the next one, so if it happens, please just point the fact. I'm using JBoss 3.2.3/Tomcat 4.1

      Question 1 - I got this from the serlvet spec:
      "If no security-role-ref element matching a security-role element has
      been declared, the container must default to checking the role-name element
      argument against the list of security-role elements for the web application. The
      isUserInRole method references the list to determine whether the caller is
      mapped to a security role."

      Problem: I got a user which his login is John, and he also belons to the role JohnRole (in my Roles database table).
      The only security-role element i got in my web.xml is the following:

       <description>Smith's role.</description>

      As you can see, there's no "JohnRole" in my web.xml, but as i said, John belongs to role JohnRole in my database table.
      Then, i log in my app as "John" and try to use the method request.isUserInRole("JohnRole") which returns TRUE.
      It makes sense, of course, because John actually belongs to the role JohnRole.

      Well, if i'm not wrong, i think that Tomcat just contradicted the servlet spec. that says "The
      isUserInRole method references the list to determine whether the caller is
      mapped to a security role." As i just said, the role-name "JohnRole" is not on my web.xml list.

      Question 2 - I don't get the point of those security-role tags elements. As i just said, a search in database to verity if the user belong to such a role will be made anyway. For what should we use this security-role element for???

      Question 3 - Having all the above in mind, i thought that the security-role tag element could be used to propagation os security stuff to the ejb layer, but quickly i gave up this option, as the ejb deployment descpriptor alreayd have this method permission roles declarations.