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    ajax submit and lost styles


      If I use any a4j elements to submit a page which navigates to another page, some of the styleClass application on the new page is lost. Any ideas?

      eg if I submit using a4j:commandButton and the new page contains a commandButton with a styleClass attribute, the styling doesn't work first time into the page.

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          pls post you usecase with more details
          what browser?
          how second page look? Is any different between first and second times?

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            The page I submit is via this control:

            <a4j:commandButton id="srchpage_btn" value="Search" styleClass="button" tabindex="17" action="#{searchParameters.validate}">
            <a4j:support status="testId" event="onclick" />

            I also use it to invoke an a4j:status so I can monitor its progress.

            On the navigated-to page, I have a button:
            <h:commandButton id="selectReceiptBtn" value="Select Receipt"
            action="#{resultsData.validate}" styleClass="button" tabindex="0"/>

            Using the navigation in the searchParameters.validate action attribute, the style of the h:commandButton is lost and some other is applied.
            If I use a normal h:commandButton on the first page this problem doesn't occur.

            I'm aware that using a in the appropriate navigation section of faces-config solves this problem but I'm a little reluctant to use this as redirection creates a new request object.

            Any ideas why using ajax submission should upset the style application of the new button would be helpful, unless perhaps it's just a browser issue(I'm using IE 6.0.29).

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              Some missing text from the last post: '....using a redirect in the faces-config....'

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                Do you mean that styleClass is not "button" anymore or you you css is not applyed?
                Where is your css referred? Did you try to use style instead of styleClass?

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                  The problem still exists if I use style instead of styleClass. It still appears ad a button bu tthe styling of the button's label changes.

                  If I use the 'redirect' attribute in faces-config.xml it solves the problem but this starts a new request, which I feel is a bit untidy.