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    SSO between Zope and JBoss

    guigui Newbie


      I've got a Zope server using CAS (Central Authentication Service) and
      LDAP authentification and a JBoss server.

      I want to use CAS with JBoss.

      The issue is to have a "single sign on" between the two applications.

      I have seen JAAS how to but I didn't find a clear answer. How can i configure JBoss to do such a thing ?

      Any idea how to solve this

      Thanks, Guigui

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          Scott Stark Master

          Its going to take a tomcat valve and possibly a custom tomcat authenticator. We have not looked at integrating with the Yale CAS stuff as yet so I can't say at this point. What do their docs say?

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            guigui Newbie

            Thanks for your answer !

            In their docs (http://www.yale.edu/tp/cas/caswithjava.html), they propose to create a filter in the web.xml file. So i'm trying this.

            In my application, I use a Realm (with queries) in a form authenticated method. If I use the CAS filter (if it works), how can i get users data (login , password, role) ?

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              guigui Newbie

              It's very easy to do :

              1)create a filter in \jbossweb-tomcat50.sar\web.xml like this one

              <filter-name>CAS Filter</filter-name>
              <param-value>you server URL</param-value>

              <filter-name>CAS Filter</filter-name>

              2) add the casclient.jar file in \server\default\lib

              Now your application is protected by the CAS. To log in your browser must contain a TGC (cookie).