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    Contextual Authentication using JBoss 4.0

    Sylvain Gilbert Newbie


      I cannot use more than one login-config element in my web-security.xml configuration. So how can I protect my resource with more than one authentication method? Like my application can be accessed using Single Sign-On (SSO), a Certificate or the user can logs in entering its username and password.

      And don’t tell me to put all my LoginModule into the same method with the “optional” property ;-) I really don’t want to do this!

      Thanx a lot

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          Scott Stark Master

          Then write a login module that allows for the combination of the required authentication mechanisms in a manner suitable for your application. Why isn't sufficient an approriate control flag:

          Sufficient - The LoginModule is not required to
          succeed. If it does succeed, control immediately
          returns to the application (authentication does not
          proceed down the LoginModule list).
          If it fails, authentication continues down the
          LoginModule list.