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    Custom LoginModule that Stores Credentials

    Russell Della Rosa Newbie

      I know there are some security implications on doing this... But here is what I want to do:

      1) Modify or subclass the LDAP LoginModule so that the password used to login is stored in a location that can be retrieved later on.
      2) I would prefer to store the password in a location that only allows JBoss applications to have access to it. (Possibly in JNDI)
      3) When someone connects to my EJB retrieve the password that was used to login and use it to call another application. (The actual user & password is required to contact this second application.)

      Note that the second application will most likely be a web service... The web service may or may not be running within JBoss. (But both of the applications will be authenticated against the same LDAP.)

      Anyone have an example of doing something like this? Or have any suggestions on where/how to store the password?