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    No trusted certificate found exception

    bashiraintrouble Newbie

      Hi friends,
      We just upgraded our sever from jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12 to jboss-3.0.8_tomcat-4.1.24. We used the old .keystore file that was working in jboss 3.0.4. Now when our users get to the login page and try to login, they get the j_security_check page and the server.log is showing an exception that No trusted certificate was found. HTTP works just fine, its only when they try to access pages that are defined under the security-constraint tag in the web.xml using HTTPS that we get this error message. Pages not defined under the security-constraint attribute in web.xml work fine in HTTPS as well. We even got a trial certificate from verisign just to eliminate the possibility cert corruption possibility and that didnt work either.
      Any help will be appreciated,