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    SSL via HTTPS Standardport 443 / Redirect to 8443

    begemotic Newbie

      How can I configure JBoss 3.2.5, so I can access the SSL configured Tomcat container via Port 443, and have not to run JBoss as a system user with a userid below 1024? I must use the standard HTTPS port 443, because my external JBoss server is outside the company firewall and will run my browser from inside and outside this firewall. As a workaround I tried to use SSH local forwarding at the JBoss system with ssh -L 443:localhost:8443 localhost, but this doesn't work.
      How can I bind the privileged system port 443 to a non privileged port above 1024 (e.g. 8443)?
      The local firewall at the JBoss system allows only port 443 and 8443.