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    Is JBossSX /JAAS right for me?

    Michael Moore Newbie

      I want to creae a JBoss web deployed application which will need to allow new users to sign-up as "administrators" and then create accounts for additional users which they own. Once the administrators have established themselves and their subordinates, the users will have access to various components of the application based on their roles. All users of the system will only be able to "see" their own data. ( Data will be stored in an Oracle database)

      We already run JBoss. If we did use JAAS, and for some reason decided to move to a different server, would the JAAS portion need to be rewritten? I guess I am asking if JAAS is portable to other servers.

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          Scott Stark Master


          "cooper" wrote:
          I am a big fan of Intellij IDEA and the command line :

          >sh build.sh clean
          >sh build.sh deploy

          bah - chmod 700 on build.sh and add an alias :)

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            Michael Moore Newbie

            You don't want to use finalize() it isn't guaranteed to be called and even if does get
            called, it wrecks gc performance.

            A real solution would be to do caller side analysis/weaving:

            POJOResource pr = new POJOResource;

            becomes (pseudo code)

            POJOResource pr = POJOResourceManager.get();

            But this requires a fair bit of analysis of the bytecode.

            A simpler solution would be to assume the resource has a close() method
            and that it is called by the client. You would just identify the close operation
            in the metadata.

            The handles are just "proxies".