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    mutual authentication

    erik van hoof Newbie


      I have a problem with the configuration of ssl with java and jboss. I've read thousands of posts but nothing is quite like my problem. I'm using jboss 4.0.0 and j2ee 1.4
      I want to use mutual authentication on a https server. For that cause i did the following:
      i generated the Server KeyStore in file server.keystore
      i exported the certificate from keystore to an external file server.cer
      i generated the Client KeyStore in file client.keystore
      i exported the certificate from keystore to external file client.cer
      i imported the Client's certificate into Server's keystore
      i imported Server's certificate into Client's keystore
      I edited the server.xml file (standard) for ssl support and set client authentication on true. After that i ran the jboss standard server without errors. But when i go to https://localhost:8443 internet explorer shows the following "the server requires clients to have a certificate" and lets me choose the certificate. However, my own certificate can not be choosen. Infact, no certificate can be choosen. What am i doing wrong here? i really hope i get a reply, because its really frustrating.