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    Panel not refreshed on clicking a command link from a row of

    Swati Arora Newbie

      I have a table and an Action column inside that table, which contains an a4j command link with value lets say "View Object1". When I click on the link of a perticular row, an object2 associated to that row should get displayed in a panel grid section containg object2 information like name, description etc...

      I am rerendering the panel id at click of command link, but what is happening is, the first time when I click on link, it displays the information for object2 on panel, but when I click next time on any other row, the object2 section doesn't get refreshed.

      Basically, how the flow works is...when I click on command link from a row, it goes to action and then while rendering a page, it calls all the getters of a bean's properties. But next time click only calls the action method and getters are not called, hence the object is not refreshed.

      Can anyone tell, why is it happening? And if anyone has faced such type of problem earlier?
      Thanks in advance.