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    No method permissions assigned to method=create, interface=H

    Knud Newbie


      I know, there are some posts regarding this problem, but they do not solve my problem.

      Our Application consists of a Swing Frontend connecting to the app-server using http, the 'http-invoker' and ejbs in all colors. We need Method-Level Security for the ejbs.

      The http invoker is secured as well as the jar application using the jboss-specific deployment-descriptor. Both security-domains are equal.

      When trying to create a session bean SomeSessionBeanHome.create(), the error 'No method permissions assigned to method=create, interface=HOME' is thrown. The userprincipal is not null, it is the one I expect and the principals role is set correct too. Thus it is no cache or jaas configuration problem.

      I can solve the problem by granting method permissions to *:
      But then I loose fine-grained security on method level.

      Do I have to add method-permissions to the home interface?