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    DynamicLoginConfig problems

    Sean Radford Novice


      I have deployed my own ServerLoginModule via the DynamicLoginConfig (in a sar within an ear, called ear1). It is deployed as xxxRealm.

      When I connect to EJB's deployed withing ear1, secured by the xxxRealm all works fine.

      I now have a second ear, say ear2, which deploys more ejbs, secured by the above xxxRealm.

      However, when I try to access the ejbs in in ear2 I get nowhere.

      I get the classic [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.SecurityInterceptor] Authentication exception, principal=(null or XXX) deplending on wherever I do the client login or not.

      When accessing these ear2 ejbs my ServerLoginModule does not get initialised (no log messages). Any ideas why?



      (using Jboss-3.2.6)