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    Need to implement User lock out Using JBoss / Tomcat contain

    Ravikiran Chittari Newbie

      I am using Jboss container security successfully, I use form based login with j_security _check and everything is working fine.

      Now, I need to implement User lock out after 5 consecutive login failures.

      I am able to track the consecutive login failure from my login module.

      But I am not able to display a message to the user that the account has been locked out.

      Is there any way that I can get handle to the userid for which the login failed, when it fails? If I get handle to the userid , I can retrive the lock out information from the database for this user and dispaly the information.

      OR. is there a way I can get handle to the exception I display the appropriate message to the user

      Please share ur thoughts and help me.. I am sure one of you have bumped into this situation.

      Thank you very much