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    Switching from Tomcat 4.x to Jboss 4 for deployment.. LDAP/J

    john willemin Newbie

      We have an application that runs fine on Tomcat 4.x that we are trying to get running in JBoss.

      Most of the issues have been pretty minor. But I can't figure out how to use our existing LDAP code. In the current setup, we have an entry for Resource and ResourceParams in server.xml for the LDAP server under Host.Context.

      (Resource name="ldap/Foo" scope="Shareable" type="com.example.LDAPDataSource" /)

      (ResourceParams name="ldap/Foo")
      (!-- other params follow --)

      Basically - we use our own factory to spit back our LDAPDataSource. The reason we do this is so that we can encrypt the password to the LDAP machine so it does not sit in plain text.

      So right now, when our application uses j_security_check, the "final" JBoss authentication module (the one with users.properties and roles.properties) gets triggered, and it says that users.properties isn't there. So I need to add an auth module. But I'm just not sure how I am supposed to plumb this thing up. If it was just LDAP that's one thing, but I want to be able to use the custom LDAP classes.