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    LoginModule blocks server activity

    frederic gille Newbie

      I have implemented a custom login module starting from the ldaploginmodule provided by jboss. Our service (Secure ID token) validating the user needs a lot of time to perform the authentication. During this time all other activities of the JBoss server are inactive waiting on this particular service to finish.

      I simulate the same behaviour simply adding a thread.sleep(30000) in the validatePassword method. The server seems to block.

      I am running JBoss on a Windows 2000 server as stand alone application, not as a service.

      Is this a known behaviour.? Are there any workarounds.


      Fred Gillé

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          Scott Stark Master

          The only thing that would be blocked are users of the associated security domain. This is a known issue:


          The only workaround is to preload the security cache to avoid the excessively long authentication process.

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            frederic gille Newbie


            Thanks alot for your answer. Same security domain means in our case the main application deployed on JBoss.

            I had a look at the comments in the database and explains quite well the problem we encounter. However though the bug is known i cannot see any timing line for expected solution.

            In my case i can see only the following practical solution:

            A) switch to another authentication mode LDAP (username and yet another password to remember for our user community)

            B) Switch to programatic vs configuration authentication & authorization. Which means that i have to review the code and introduce potential weaknesses in the security concepts.

            C) Migrate to another Application Server (which i would like to avoid as i am getting familar with JBoss and i like it quite a bit.)


            Fred Gillé

            PS:I would like to feliciate you and the whole JBoss team & community for the spent efforts and i am sure you will find a smart solution to the problem

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              emailms box Newbie

              Well .... I'm having the same problem

              The is not a major bug but a fatal one, which makes the JBoss JAAS model useless!!

              Any progress ?