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    How to call secured SLSB from an MDB?


      I am trying to deploy an MDB which needs to access some secured SLSBs. The MDBs 'run-as' attribute is set to the name of a valid role with sufficient permissions.

      I have no problems acquiring a reference to a SLSBs local home, but each time I try to call a method on it I get

      java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication exception, principal=null
      which tells me that the container attempts to authenticate the method's caller and fails to do so. Probably because the caller has no identity.

      Why does the 'run-as' attribute not work? It has been my understanding that it was created exactly for situations like these where a bean wants code called from it to execute within a fixed security context.

      Most important: what do I have to do to make this work as expected?