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    Update on Context.PROVIDER_URL in Login configuration file d

    Wan Ng Newbie

      I'm using SRP login with text-based users.properties file.
      I have a GUI app that provides login dialog box for users to enter username/password for the intended JBoss Server.
      First time logging in, everything is okay.

      The login configuration file:

      // The test client login configurations
      srp {
       org.jboss.security.srp.jaas.SRPLoginModule required
       // JBoss LoginModule
       org.jboss.security.ClientLoginModule required

      Within the GUI app, user can switch logging to another JBoss Server. When that happens, a dialog box pops up asking the name of a new JBoss Server. And I would update java.naming.provider.url entry in the login configuration file according to what the user enters. However, the new update does not seem to take any effect even if I already logout the previous user and create new LoginContext. When the login dialog box pops up again, it is still looking for username and password that can authenticate on the previous JBoss Server.

      Does anyone have this experience before? Is there anything that I miss to do?

      Thanks for any help,