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    XDoclet Tags to support JAAS

    Matthew Robinson Newbie


      Please advise the status of the JBOSS XDoclet tags for JAAS support. There seems to be many missing tags in the current release.

      In particular I am interested in the security-role-ref and security-identity and security-role tags. The @ejb Xdoclet tagset includes the standard deployment descriptor tags, but the @jboss one doesn't support the equivalent jboss deployment descriptor tags (as far as I can ascertain).

      I use Eclipse and Lomboz to generate the jboss.xml file for deployment and so really I need to be able to supply XDoclet tags in my source to avoid having to re-enter the sections lost by each build invokation.

      Additionally, I am very keen to keep these tags in the source code (as opposed to include files) as my project is complicated enough without asking developers to maintain yet another file if they want to use this functionality.

      Any help appreciated.

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          kleibl Newbie

          since security-identity is configured for the whole ear, it doesn't really make sense to add it as a xdoclet tag. you can use a xdoclet merge point to insert the data. create jboss-security.xml containing:


          and store it in a specific directory (e.g. merge).
          in your xdoclet-build.xml add mergeDir attribute pointing to your jboss-security.xml file. e.g.:
          <jboss Version="3.2" destDir="src/META-INF" mergeDir="merge" >


          ps. i'm also missing the other jboss tags...

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            kleibl Newbie

            i've confused it with security-domain. i hope it will help someone anyway...