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    Cannot access secured SB from MDB despite run-as set correct


      OK, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I need some answers before I go on wasting my - and my employers - time.

      Our applications SBs are secured using an LDAP realm with no unauthenticatedIdentity allowed. Now I have got an MDB with the run-as attribute set to a role with sufficient rights which needs to access these SBs in the context of the onMessage method.

      It had been my - probably naive - expectation that setting the run-as attribute on this MDB would allow me to do so. Yet every time I try to access an SB I get a

      Bad password for username=null

      in JBoss' security log.

      Now, what I _can_ do is passing a valid username/password combination into the InitialContext used to access the SB. But this SB in turn needs to access another secured SB/EB/whatever and so on. In short: changing the current codebase to use an explicit login when executed within an MDB is no option.

      I am doing something terribly wrong here and thus would be exceedingly grateful if someone could answer me the following questions:

      (1) What's the use of the run-as attribute for an MDB?

      (2) What's the generally accepted way of accessing an SB from an MDB?

      Many thx for any pointers,