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    LDAP & JBoss outside the domain

    gmeroz Newbie

      i installed JBoss with the same configuration on 2 computers (both in the same network one of them is outside the domain) And i'm using LDAP for authentication.

      from some reason, i can not login into the applicaiton on the machine which is not in the domain.

      does anyone know how to fix it?

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          gmeroz Newbie

          i forgot to say i'm using ActiveDirectory

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            Jan Radl Newbie

            What is your login-config look like ?


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              gmeroz Newbie

              <login-module code="org.jboss.security.auth.spi.UsersRolesLoginModule"
              flag="required" >
              <module-option name="debug1">true</module-option>
              <module-option name="java.naming.factory.inital">com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactor</module-option>
              <module-option name="java.naming.provider.url">ldap://ldaphost.bevents.local:389/</module-option>
              <module-option name="java.naming.security.authentication">simple</module-option>
              <module-option name="matchOnUserDN">false</module-option>
              <module-option name="principalDNSuffix">@bevents.local</module-option>
              <module-option name="uidAttributeID">sAMAccountName</module-option>
              <module-option name="roleAttributeID">memberOf</module-option>
              <module-option name="roleAttributeIsDN">true</module-option>
              <module-option name="roleNameAttributeID">name</module-option>
              <module-option name="rolesCtxDN">ou=App_Users,dc=bevents,dc=local</module-option>