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    Prolem with custom login module

    Detlef Schulze Newbie

      For some reasons I have to create my own login module.

      Since I didn't do this before I decided to play with what already exists: the LdapLoginModule.

      I copied the source to a new java class which resides in one of my own packages, created a .jar and put it to the server/default/lib directory.

      I configured login-config.xml to use my class instead of that one that comes with the server.

      But now it seems that this class doesn't get used by jboss. It doesn't work and there is nothing in the logfiles. The classes should be identical, except the classname and the package.

      Any ideas? I am quite stuck ...

      the only logoutput i now have is:

      [JaasSecurityManagerService] Added core, org.jboss.security.plugins.SecurityDomainContext@18c3c8f to map

      core is the name of the application policy, configure in login-config.xml

      Are there any additional steps that need to be done? I alreday checked the docu but could not find anything.