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    Transferring Credentials from JSP->Applet

    Brett Carpenter Newbie

      Hey all,

      We're developing a plug-in framework on top of JBoss that will allow future developers to create pluggable components. We use JSP to launch the client-side of these plug-ins as Java applets. Since our paradigm requires that each plug-in be deployed as an individual .ear, we?re not able to coalesce all of the web services. So, on the client side, we?re using JSP to bounce users around between different client applets.

      The problem is that the user is required to log-in every time we launch a new applet because each applet requires access to one or more EJBs. We?ve been able to accept and authenticate credentials in the JSP and in the applets, but we can?t seem to translate authentication from the JSP to an applet without re-prompting or injecting the raw, user-entered credentials and letting the applet go through the login process under the hood. Neither of these is acceptable for obvious reasons.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? Is there some method for supporting some single sign-on mechanism between JSP and rich Java applets?